Cutting Cushions for a Perfect Fit

I’ve been cutting, sewing and stuffing cushions for more years than I’d like to mention and I’m coming from an upholsterers standpoint in this article. Getting the perfect fit every time is important. The easiest way to get a perfect fit is to start with a template for a piece that may have angles and curves or the exact measurements for a piece that is square or rectangle.  It may sound elementary, but many times a customer will come in with just the foam and want me to make a cushion without measurements or a template. You simply can not get the correct fit that way.

One method I use in the upholstery shop when I’m cutting cushions for an upholstered piece I’m working on is to remove  the top of an existing cushion that fits properly and steam it back to it’s original shape for a template. I do this mostly for back cushions. I generally like to start off with a new template for seat cushions.

The perfect cushion starts with the perfect cut. The perfect cut starts with a perfect template or measurements.

Cape Cod Upholsterer using Soy Based Foam

I’m excited to announce Novus foam is now available to my customers at Cape Cod Upholstery Shop. Novus is a hybrid foam that combines the use of natural seed oils like soy, sunflower and castor. The natural oils replace some of the petrochemicals used in making traditional polyurethane foam. According to the manufacturer, Novus foam requires less energy to produce, which in turn reduces it’s carbon footprint. Novus performs to the same high standards as tradition high density foam, is hypoallergenic, meets the California B117 fire code and is available in soft and medium compressions.