Just another upholstery love story

A long, long time ago, before I moved to Cape Cod, I was on Siesta Key, in Sarasota throwing a frisbee on the beach.  I wasn’t on vacation, I actually lived there.  A woman comes walking down the beach with a frisbee and starts throwing the disc with a friend and I.  A bit later, she’s got to leave because she’s meeting some other people further down the beach.  So after a while, my friend and I are still hanging out, when the same woman with the frisbee comes back.  So we start talking again and one thing leads to another, and I asked her if she wants to go to the movies.  Yea, she said yes!  That was easy.  We end up at the movies a few days later.  This movie, way back in 1982, was Richard Pryor Live.  Now I love Richard Pryor, but it wasn’t a good choice for a first date.  The main topic, that night, was about her sister.  My sister this, my sister that, you’ve got to meet my sister.  Her sister was apparently looking for a part time job and knew how to sew.  Since I am in the upholstery business and I actually did need someone to sew, what’s a guy to do other than say – ok, I’ll meet your sister.  So the sister, Marge, pulls up to my shop in in a sporty 1981 Renault Le Car, sun roof and all!    So after a few weeks and a few cushions later, it turns out Marge took a few sewing classes in school and sewing was just the keyword used by her sister for us to meet. We decided dating was the new keyword.  We’ve been happily  together ever since with a beautiful daughter.  I know, just another upholstery love story.