Cape Cod Upholstery Shop Announces New Kids Fabrics

Cape Cod Upholstery shop is exited to announce new and vibrant and fun fabrics specially designed for kids rooms applications. They can be found at Greenhouse Fabrics and are available online only. For anyone interested, use this link for Greenhouse Kids for more information.

Anyone interested in getting a price, please use the Contact Form.

Cape Cod Upholstery Shop Kids Fabrics

Cape Cod Upholsterer Sees Higher Down and Feather Prices

My favorite cushion fabricator is West Coast Feather and Down located in Los Angeles, CA.  In my opinion, they offer superior customer service and the best alternative to feather and down cushions with a product called Denier Microfiber. This is a great product for people that may have allergies to feathers and down, or do not like using animal products, but still want a soft and squishy cushion product.

But for those of you who want feathers and down, the prices are going up as much as 38%. West Coast Feather and Down recently sent me a letter explaining the price increase. Marie Bonilla, West Coast’s CEO, explained to me that she and their down supplier worked hard at coming up with a letter to explain the many factors for price increase. Here is the link to the PDF letter.

In summery, feathers and down are a hot commodity with limited supply. For clothing, such as jackets, there are many down alternatives that work well. But the application for down as furniture cushions is more demanding. Loft needs to be maintained or the cushions simply look under filled. Synthetic alternatives will continue to improve and blur the lines between real down and synthetic down. If you’re looking for the best alternative now, Cape Cod Upholstery Shop will be using wonderfully fabricated Denier Microfiber cushions from West Coast Feather and Down, INC.

Cape Cod Upholsterer Can Not Recommend Sullivan Tire

If you’re considering using Sullivan Tire in Hyannis, MA for any type of auto or truck service, I recommend you look elsewhere. The service at the time and subsequently has been absolutely horrible and unprofessional. These are the facts:

On January 13, 2010 I brought my van in for service, which included: diagnosing/replacing an alternator and engine coolant flushing. With a few other items, the bill came to almost $1,000.00.

The very next day I was on my way to Provincetown for a business appointment when I noticed the engine overheating. I had no engine coolant. I called Sullivan Tire and when they found out I had AAA Plus they told me to call AAA for a tow back to Hyannis. The tow truck driver told me the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator was not tightened and that’s why all the coolant leaked out. With what I considered at the time a very insincere apology, Sullivan Tire replaced the coolant and made sure the drain plug was tight this time.

Next in line was the Alternator. It made a whining noise and my turn signals blinked erratically. So I brought it back in about a week after the original service date. They assured me it was fine and there was no reason to replace the Alternator because that’s the way alternators sound.

So now it’s August of 2011. My battery is not holding a charge. I had the battery checked at two places, both told me the alternator was bad. So I called up Sullivan Tire in Hyannis, MA and was told that the alternator had a 1 year warranty and they would not replace it, unless I were to pay for it all over again.

So no more Sullivan Tire in Hyannis, Ma for me and I suggest the same for anyone reading this. This is by far the worst customer service and workmanship out of any business I have ever dealt with on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Upholsterer celebrates 40 Years

I started as an apprentice when I was sixteen. At 56, I’m celebrating my 40th anniversary in the furniture upholstery business. For thirty two of the years I’ve been self employed and for twenty seven of those years here on Cape Cod. It’s hard to believe how the years have gone by so fast.

A lot has changed. No more spitting tacks, it’s staple guns now and that’s good.  No more stopping at phone booths to call a customer, now just pull out your mobile device and that’s good. It’s harder to sell fabric now, most people want to supply their own. Good for the customer but not so good for the upholsterer.

The biggest change in forty years for my upholstery business is the Internet and the digital World in general. I now have a website that attracts just about all of my business. Cape Cod is quickly becoming the second home capital of the Northeast. With a Google or Bing search, customers from all over the world can find me and contract with me for their upholstery work. Amazingly, even local Cape Cod people find me from the Web.

And alot hasn’t changed. Upholstery is still kind of an ancient art.  Most of the upholstery tools I use today, I used forty years ago. The digital age is left at the door when it becomes upholsterer vs. chair. Getting in the shop and upholstering each piece to perfection, that’s still what it’s all about. It’s still about hand on.

I’ve upholstered a lot of pieces of furniture over the years and I have the sore body to prove it, especially my hands. But I have a few good years left before I move on to something new. Of course I have to find that new thing first.

The things I’ve enjoyed the most is the freedom of self-employment and the countless interesting and honest people I’ve met so far. So please, no one raise up a glass and cheer “Here’s to another forty”. Rather, “Here’s to the beginning of a transition, to new and exciting things to come!”

Cutting Cushions for a Perfect Fit

I’ve been cutting, sewing and stuffing cushions for more years than I’d like to mention and I’m coming from an upholsterers standpoint in this article. Getting the perfect fit every time is important. The easiest way to get a perfect fit is to start with a template for a piece that may have angles and curves or the exact measurements for a piece that is square or rectangle.  It may sound elementary, but many times a customer will come in with just the foam and want me to make a cushion without measurements or a template. You simply can not get the correct fit that way.

One method I use in the upholstery shop when I’m cutting cushions for an upholstered piece I’m working on is to remove  the top of an existing cushion that fits properly and steam it back to it’s original shape for a template. I do this mostly for back cushions. I generally like to start off with a new template for seat cushions.

The perfect cushion starts with the perfect cut. The perfect cut starts with a perfect template or measurements.

Remembering Tony Curtis

I grew up watching Tony Curtis movies. His eyes, his voice, his posture, always made him bigger than life to me, especially as a kid. I’ll remember him with the warmest of memories.

As an upholsterer on Cape Cod, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Leslie Curtis and her husband Don, as well as Ben Curtis, Leslie’s son. Leslie had a Interior design business here on Cape Cod for many years, but has recently moved the business to Camden Maine. Tony Curtis was truly an iconic figure to most of us, but to them he was a husband, father and friend. I wish them the best and offer my heart felt love.

The Cape Cod Times has Printed an article from the Associated Press titled “Late Tony Curtis Had Cape Cod Ties“. I think one of the warmest obituaries I’ve read so far on Tony Curtis.