Apple iPhone App “Remote” for Music in the Upholstery Shop

I like to wirelessly stream music from iTunes on my iMac at home over to my upholstery shop about seventy five feet away. In the upholstery shop, I have a Bose Acoustic Wave connected to a wireless router called Airport Express. Airport Express uses software called AirTunes which lets my Bose connect to iTunes next door on the iMac. It’s great to have access to all my music in iTunes – all 38GB that will play for 8.5 days non stop, 27/7, no repeats.  The Con – You can only control iTunes from the computer, which in my case, is seventy five feet away in the house. A lot of running next door to play, change or pause the music.

Now one of my favorite iPhone Apps is called Remote, developed by Apple. With Remote installed on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can control your iTunes music on your computer with an iPhone via your Wi-Fi network.  It’s a must have App if you’re steaming iTunes music from a Mac or PC to any pair of powered speakers connected to Airport Express with AirTunes. Remote is a cool App that works flawlessly.

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