Cape Cod Upholsterer Delivers Food Review

When I’m out picking up and delivering furniture, it’s a lot of fun to stop at some all time favorite places to eat and get some coffee.  The absolute, no questions asked, best quintessential coffee stop on the Cape is Coffee Obsession in Falmouth and now Woods Hole.  It’s got everything. Lots of good coffee, desserts, decor and a friendly staff.  Sit and drink your coffee in an upholstered chair, sofa or cafe table big enough to seat six friends.  Bring your laptop and no one will be able to tell if you’re one of the famous scientists from the Wood Hole area.

Probably the best organic food and drink experience on Cape Cod is Earthly Delights in Osterville.  Mostly take out because it’s a small place.  But if you want to rub elbows with the other customers or the owners/chefs, they have a few bar stools to sit and relax.  To many delicious items on the menu to mention, but they have soups, sandwiches, baked goods and a deli with a great selection of homemade dishes like lasagna.  The last thing I want to do is scare you off by saying tofu, but they have a great selection of tofu.   And of course, organic coffee. Good value for the dollar considering everything is organic. Located at 15 West Bay Road, Osterville, MA.

The one place you want to be driving by at either breakfast, lunch, supper or coffee time, is the Corner Store in Chatham.  They’re at the intersection of Rt. 137 and Old Queen Ann Road.  The best burrito bar on Cape Cape, soups, grilled eggplant sandwich to die for, organic coffee and a staff with lots of great personality.  Get there early in the day for muffins. Bran muffins are always gone first. One of the best food value for the dollar you can get and the ingredients are always fresh and tasty.   Corner Store in Chatham

If you’re in a coffee, chocolate, soup, sandwich or people watching type of mood in Orleans, The Hot Chocolate Sparrow is the place to be.  Lots of seating and very upbeat. This is a VERY popular place, especially in the Summer, when the ice cream flies out the door.  A fun place to sit and enjoy or cruise in and out with something to go.  The Cape Cod Rail Trail, the Capes 25 mile long bike trail is just across the street.   Thank you Marjorie Sparrow for a Cape Cod landmark. Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans