Cape Cod Upholsterer Sees Higher Down and Feather Prices

My favorite cushion fabricator is West Coast Feather and Down located in Los Angeles, CA.  In my opinion, they offer superior customer service and the best alternative to feather and down cushions with a product called Denier Microfiber. This is a great product for people that may have allergies to feathers and down, or do not like using animal products, but still want a soft and squishy cushion product.

But for those of you who want feathers and down, the prices are going up as much as 38%. West Coast Feather and Down recently sent me a letter explaining the price increase. Marie Bonilla, West Coast’s CEO, explained to me that she and their down supplier worked hard at coming up with a letter to explain the many factors for price increase. Here is the link to the PDF letter.

In summery, feathers and down are a hot commodity with limited supply. For clothing, such as jackets, there are many down alternatives that work well. But the application for down as furniture cushions is more demanding. Loft needs to be maintained or the cushions simply look under filled. Synthetic alternatives will continue to improve and blur the lines between real down and synthetic down. If you’re looking for the best alternative now, Cape Cod Upholstery Shop will be using wonderfully fabricated Denier Microfiber cushions from West Coast Feather and Down, INC.

Cutting Cushions for a Perfect Fit

I’ve been cutting, sewing and stuffing cushions for more years than I’d like to mention and I’m coming from an upholsterers standpoint in this article. Getting the perfect fit every time is important. The easiest way to get a perfect fit is to start with a template for a piece that may have angles and curves or the exact measurements for a piece that is square or rectangle.  It may sound elementary, but many times a customer will come in with just the foam and want me to make a cushion without measurements or a template. You simply can not get the correct fit that way.

One method I use in the upholstery shop when I’m cutting cushions for an upholstered piece I’m working on is to remove  the top of an existing cushion that fits properly and steam it back to it’s original shape for a template. I do this mostly for back cushions. I generally like to start off with a new template for seat cushions.

The perfect cushion starts with the perfect cut. The perfect cut starts with a perfect template or measurements.