Pantone Introduces the 2013 Color of the Year

Pantone 17-5641 Emerald

Pantone 17-5641 Emerald

Pantone has Introduced what they believe to be the color for 2013.  Drum roll please:  Pantone 17-5461 Emerald.  Being a Boston Celtics fan, I like the color. But, I’ll be interested to see if any of my Cape Cod Upholstery Shop customers warm up to this bright and bold color.

Barre Pinske Painting For Sale on Cape Cod

Barre Pinske Painting

Barre Pinske Painting

Barre Pinske paintings rarely come up for resale. Barre’s style may best be described as Modern, Folk and Fine Art. This painting is from Barre Pinske’s art studio and gallery, once located in West Barnstable Ma. The painting is circa 1991.

I like to call the painting “Daisies”  The paint surface is heavily textured on 4′ x 8′ plywood and backed by a wooden frame for rigidity.

More information about the painting can be found at Cape Cod Upholstery Shop

For more information about the artist, visit Barre Pinske’s website

Upholsterer Statics from Wolfram Alpha

By Joe Gramm

I thought it would be fun to look up “Upholsterer” from the computational knowledge search engine Wolfram Alpha. One thing that stands out is upholsterers are not getting rich according to the salary statistics. Another interesting statistic is jobs for upholsterers are on the decline, but salaries are on a small rise. Check it out and I hope I may introduce a few people to Wolfram Alpha. Apple’s Siri uses Wolfram Alpha for much of it’s statistical searches.

Upholster Statistics from Wolfram Alpha 

Cape Cod Upholsterer celebrates 40 Years

I started as an apprentice when I was sixteen. At 56, I’m celebrating my 40th anniversary in the furniture upholstery business. For thirty two of the years I’ve been self employed and for twenty seven of those years here on Cape Cod. It’s hard to believe how the years have gone by so fast.

A lot has changed. No more spitting tacks, it’s staple guns now and that’s good.  No more stopping at phone booths to call a customer, now just pull out your mobile device and that’s good. It’s harder to sell fabric now, most people want to supply their own. Good for the customer but not so good for the upholsterer.

The biggest change in forty years for my upholstery business is the Internet and the digital World in general. I now have a website that attracts just about all of my business. Cape Cod is quickly becoming the second home capital of the Northeast. With a Google or Bing search, customers from all over the world can find me and contract with me for their upholstery work. Amazingly, even local Cape Cod people find me from the Web.

And alot hasn’t changed. Upholstery is still kind of an ancient art.  Most of the upholstery tools I use today, I used forty years ago. The digital age is left at the door when it becomes upholsterer vs. chair. Getting in the shop and upholstering each piece to perfection, that’s still what it’s all about. It’s still about hand on.

I’ve upholstered a lot of pieces of furniture over the years and I have the sore body to prove it, especially my hands. But I have a few good years left before I move on to something new. Of course I have to find that new thing first.

The things I’ve enjoyed the most is the freedom of self-employment and the countless interesting and honest people I’ve met so far. So please, no one raise up a glass and cheer “Here’s to another forty”. Rather, “Here’s to the beginning of a transition, to new and exciting things to come!”

Remembering Tony Curtis

I grew up watching Tony Curtis movies. His eyes, his voice, his posture, always made him bigger than life to me, especially as a kid. I’ll remember him with the warmest of memories.

As an upholsterer on Cape Cod, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Leslie Curtis and her husband Don, as well as Ben Curtis, Leslie’s son. Leslie had a Interior design business here on Cape Cod for many years, but has recently moved the business to Camden Maine. Tony Curtis was truly an iconic figure to most of us, but to them he was a husband, father and friend. I wish them the best and offer my heart felt love.

The Cape Cod Times has Printed an article from the Associated Press titled “Late Tony Curtis Had Cape Cod Ties“. I think one of the warmest obituaries I’ve read so far on Tony Curtis.