Ask About Cape Cod

I’ve lived on Cape Cod since 1984. No that doesn’t make me a native, but I know a thing or two about the Cape. Have you ever wondered something about Cape Cod, ask me, maybe I can help!

12 thoughts on “Ask About Cape Cod

  1. I am replacing the z coil springs in a leather couch with 10% webbing. I am rebuilding the frame to accept the webbing. My question is to do with spacing and stretching. How close should the 3′ webbing be spaced front to back and side to side? Can I use a jute webbing stretcher to stretch the new webbing or do I need to buy the new style tool? Thank you for your help.

    • There is no rule on spacing the 3″ webbing. The closer it is the stronger the webbing. The further apart you space the webbing, the least strong. If I had to pick a number I would say space your webbing about an inch apart and don’t forget to weave each piece.

      Any webbing stretcher will work with both jute or synthetic.

  2. Hi I have 4dining chairs to do the backs 1in thick x 6ins High they curve and shaped down at each end 24in around back. The fabric is sewn so made like fitted cover on and sew in the base, they look good But the front which is where the curve is, is loose , I can not seem to get it to look right. Can you please help if possible . Thanks Doreen

  3. Thanks for your reply. The foam thickness may be a factor. We can reduce them to 3″ maybe. Is there a difference between the bed foam and the bosal foam (chair pad) ? Foam have the tendency to flatten a bit after a while. We though 3″ is better than 1″.

    • Bed foam and Bosal foam have no meaning as to the kind or quality of the foam. What you want is 2.6 Density foam with a compression of either 27 pounds (soft), 35 pounds (medium) or 45 pounds (firm). Medium compression is more commonly used for seating.

  4. We want to reupholster six dining chairs. We managed to secure a bed foam (free) where the thickness is about 4 inches. Can we use this type of foam ? Alternatively, we can use the bosal foam – chair pad (Style 21 – 14″ x 15″ x 1″ ). It is about $ 14 (per pack of 4 pieces) in Canada. For long term use, which one is preferred. Kindly advise us how to proceed. Thanks.

    • The difference in the thickness of foam you have (4″) and the foam you want to buy (1″) is dramatic. 4″ seems to high for dining room seats. It’s generally best to replace the foam with the thickness that was there. If it was 1″, it’s probably okay to replace with 2″ foam, but not 4″.

      That being said, if you use the 4″ foam and your feet can touch the floor when sitting and your legs fit under the table, then 4″ would be okay.

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