Upholsterer Statics from Wolfram Alpha

By Joe Gramm

I thought it would be fun to look up “Upholsterer” from the computational knowledge search engine Wolfram Alpha. One thing that stands out is upholsterers are not getting rich according to the salary statistics. Another interesting statistic is jobs for upholsterers are on the decline, but salaries are on a small rise. Check it out and I hope I may introduce a few people to Wolfram Alpha. Apple’s Siri uses Wolfram Alpha for much of it’s statistical searches.

Upholster Statistics from Wolfram Alpha 

4 thoughts on “Upholsterer Statics from Wolfram Alpha

  1. I really like this. Shabby Chic is certainly a type of Feng Shui, giving
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  2. Very nice post! Thanks for sharing this one. This could really help me a lot about my business. Our specialty is custom upholstery — our talented craftsmen not only reupholster, but custom design and build brand new furniture just for you. upholstery kittery ME

  3. Very nice system. It makes a lot of sense on the the decline of work. But would you think it is possible while some are losing it some are gaining it?
    A small local Atlanta upholstery shop known as The Sandollar Upholstery has been booming with business lately. One reason could be through internet search and people finding their website and work. They are located in a very nice neighborhood which could be another. But I would have to say some may be losing and and others are gaining it.

    • I would agree. Cape Cod Upholstery Shop is also still very busy. My website brings in most of the business now, aside from previous customers and word of mouth. But in my area, Cape Cod, there are a lot of new customers who find me through my website. These are mostly new customers with second homes on Cape Cod(the Cape). Glad to hear Sandoller Upholstery in Atlanta is doing well.

      I believe there are fewer upholsterers vs fewer upholstery shops. Most of the old time USA upholsterers came out of World War II and used the GI BIll to learn upholstery in Trade schools. Not many trade schools teach upholstery anymore. And obviously the World War II era upholsterers are mostly, if not all, gone.

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