Sunbella-Popular Fabric on Cape Cod

Sunbrella furniture fabrics are great fabrics to use here on Cape Cod. You can’t beat a 5-year limited warranty against loss of color or strength from normal use including exposure to sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals. Cape Cod has a lot of sun flooded 3-season porches and wet bathing suits-perfect conditions for Sunbrella. Sunbrella fabric does not promote growth of mildew, but mildew can grow on dirt on it’s surface. So keeping Sunbrella clean is important. Vacuuming and spot cleaning with luke warm water should be enough to keep the fabric clean. But for stubborn stains, a bleach solution can even be used.

The Sunbrella fabrics I sell more of at Cape Cod Upholstery Shop are from the  Sunbrella Furniture Fabrics fold out sample card. The card contains canvas, specialty weaves, stripes, jaquards and textures. All of them retail for around $37.00 per yard. I just received the 2010-2011 sample card and it has lots of new samples. Sunbrella can easily be incorporated into the living room, kitchen and  for window seats.

2 thoughts on “Sunbella-Popular Fabric on Cape Cod

  1. Not sure if this is where i ask a question. I bought some willow yard furniture that needs seat cushions. I have an old cushion that I like and would like to make more like it. it looks like multiple layers of firm quilt batting glued or bonded together about 6 inches deep. if I remember when the cover was on the original cushion was about 4 inches. What product do I use and how do I get the layers to stick together? Thanks

    • Hi Sharon,
      It sounds like you maybe talking about a product called “Verti Fiber”. It’s used specifically for outdoor furniture. It comes as thick as 3″. What I would do is cut two 3″ pieces to size, then use a light coat of spray adhesive around the edges only. You don’t want to stop any water or moister from being able to drain out of the Verti Fiber. Albany Foam and Supply sells it and you can find it Here. Hope that helps.

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