A Cape Cod Upholsterer and Accountant

Sometime around 1988 my wife Marge and I were looking for a CPA to do our yearly tax returns for the upholstery shop. Way back then, the only way to do a search was to pull out the Yellow Pages and scroll down the Certified Public Accountant listing with your finger. For some reason, one ad from a CPA named Colleen Degnan-Daley seemed to spark our interest. The only drawback was that Colleen was in Plymouth, MA and we were in Yarmouth Port, MA. That meant a forty five minute drive for us to make contact. So Marge and I gathered all our files and went to meet Colleen. We liked her right away. She had a home business like we had and she was very easy to talk to. We really felt Colleen wanted to give us every legal advantage on our upholstery business and individual tax returns. It was official…Colleen Degnan-Daley became our CPA.

So several years go by doing business with Colleen between Plymouth and Yarmouth Port. In 1990, Marge and I moved to South Dennis, MA, where we could operate the home business. We received our yearly tax organizer in the mail — Colleen sends this out every year for our income and expense totals. Included in the tax organizer were directions to Colleen’s new office in Harwich. That’s the next town over from us on Cape Cod! We really felt that a good friend and business confidant had moved to our neighborhood.

Several more years go by. This year our tax organizer came with directions to Colleen’s new office in South Dennis, MA – of all places! Literally and physically a two minute drive or five minute bike ride. The original ad we saw for Colleen some twenty years ago must have had some magic to it for us to eventually end up in the same town.

Some Notes of Interest
• Obviously I think Colleen Degan-Daley is the best certified public accountant you can get for your business or personal needs. She does full service business accounting as well as tax returns. If you’re looking for a CPA, give Colleen a call at her new South Dennis office at 508-432-3868.
• When Colleen and I met, email was not commonly used, texting had not been invented and it took several floppy discs for me to print out an invoice.
• Some people consider Plymouth as Cape Cod. Others consider Cape Cod as being east of the Sagamore and Bourne bridges. The old maps from the 1600’s and the days of the Pilgrims certainly showed Plymouth as part of Cape Cod. But I think the modern standard for Cape Cod is anything east of the bridges.