Cape Cod Upholsterer using Soy Based Foam

I’m excited to announce Novus foam is now available to my customers at Cape Cod Upholstery Shop. Novus is a hybrid foam that combines the use of natural seed oils like soy, sunflower and castor. The natural oils replace some of the petrochemicals used in making traditional polyurethane foam. According to the manufacturer, Novus foam requires less energy to produce, which in turn reduces it’s carbon footprint. Novus performs to the same high standards as tradition high density foam, is hypoallergenic, meets the California B117 fire code and is available in soft and medium compressions.

2 thoughts on “Cape Cod Upholsterer using Soy Based Foam

  1. Making a product more natural and getting rid of some of the chemicals has always been important to me. It is very nice to know that not only is the Novus foam more natural, but it takes less energy to produce. I hope that more products keep coming out like this!

    • Hi Tracy – Since you’re associated with fabrics you already know some of the improvements in the fabric industry. Some are using organic cotton, hemp, recycled fibers, soy dyes, etc.

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