Domain Registration Cape Cod Upholstery

Joe Gramm has registered the domain name Cape Cod Upholstery. There are many businesses on Cape Cod with Cape Cod in their name. So I was quite surprised to find that a name as basic as Cape Cod Upholstery was still available. So I couldn’t resist registering the domain. I think the domain was still available because a lot of upholstery businesses are named after the proprietor. For example, Joe Gramm Custom Upholstery.

I think it’s fair to say that after thirty-eight years in the business, I’ve thought a few times about retiring from upholstery. Most of the worth in my business is some equipment and a goodwill factor with a large established client base. If someone were to take over my business, I thought they may want to operate under a name like Cape Cod Upholstery.

So slowly over time, I’ll be changing the name over to Cape Cod Upholstery. You, who are reading this on Upholstery Blog, are the first to hear the official story of how Cape Cod Upholstery came to be.

10 thoughts on “Domain Registration Cape Cod Upholstery

  1. That is a good domain name. Smart idea to plan ahead. That way the business doesn’t have to be attached to when you sell it.

    As far as the search engines go: Move all the content over to the new domain, but try to preserve the site structure and filenames. (which it looks like you did)

    Then set up the hosting for to issue a 301 redirect to the new domain until Google indexes the new site. You should use an .htaccess file with a set of redirect rules on your old site to do it the right way. I can send you the code to accomplish this if you have access to it. (email me)

    It should show up where your old one did, plus a bonus for an exact match domain name. (for the search “Cape Cod Upholstery” anyway) To get this to happen faster, get a few new links to the new domain name. Good luck!

    • It’s an honor to hear from you “” Thanks for all the great tips. I’m excited because I’ve done much of what you said. I’m really just a web site hacker using Apple iWeb. I basically copy and pasted one site to the other spending a lot of time updating links. I heard on the Apple Discussion Boards and Google Webmaster Forum to preserve the links as best as possible. The Google Webmasters Forum also pointed me towards the htaccess file redirect. I’m going to email you the code because my web Host service did the code and it seems to work well. But after I read your comment I went back and looked at the code. The 301 redirect, directs from one page in the old site to one page in the new site. The Webmasters Forum advised that I redirect as many individual pages as possible. That’s why it would be awesome for you to check it for me. Lastly, I’ve got several links pointing to the new site already like Google Local, Merchant Circle etc. Again Thanks for the suggestions and help and mostly for reading my blog.

  2. Hi!
    Congratulations on the great business name!
    So happy the name has been found by “The Best Upholsterer on the Cape”!
    Peg and Richard

    • Not the last, second. That’s pretty good. I’ve made the transition over to Cape Cod Upholstery. Lots of work rebuilding the new site and redirecting to Still have a ton of work updating all the links to my site and then keeping my fingers crossed that the search engines will treat the new site with high rankings. Thanks for commenting BG

    • Thanks for the comment Alberta, who happens to be my sister, who happens to be a published author. You can visit her website at the above URL. We at the Cape Gramm’s guessed correctly you’d probably be the first comment!!

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