The Ultimate Upholsterer

The Ultimate Frisbee upholsterer that is! Sometimes I combine Ultimate with an upholstery estimate or delivery especially if they’re near Falmouth or Wellfleet, both of which have great Ultimate. Falmouth and Wellfleet are about forty minutes away from Dennis, so it works out well when I can complete the Ultimate estimate.

In comes a call for an estimate in North Falmouth. So I set up the Ultimate estimate before our night game under the lights in Falmouth. I arrive at my customer Scott’s house. I do the estimate and everything goes well. As I make my way out, Scott accompanies me to my van and we chat a while. The topic comes up that I’m on my way to play Ultimate. He suddenly scoots back into the house and returns seconds later with a frisbee. Not just any frisbee, a Lady Godiva frisbee. Lady Godiva is one of Boston’s premier women’s Ultimate Frisbee teams, winning more championships than any other womens team in Ultimate history. It turns out that Scott’s wife Liz played for Lady Godiva in the late eighties. Liz played for another dominating championship team, Lady Condors, while living on the West Coast.

When I returned to pick up their furniture several weeks later, I got to meet Liz. It was fun talking for a few minutes about Ultimate and some of the local people we mutually knew. I think it’s safe to say that this was the ultimate Ultimate estimate of my upholstery career, as of yet.

Notes of interest
The frisbee is made by WHAM-O and is not generally used in Ultimate, although the term frisbee is often used in association with Ultimate. The disc of choice is the 175 gram “Ultra-Star” made by Discraft, usually custom designed with team logos and art.

Woods Hole Ultimate Frisbee (WHUF) offers year round pickup and tournaments in the Falmouth and Mashpee area. Check my “Links” section for more info.
Wellfleet pickup runs early June to Labor Day