Arm Covers Yea or Nay

I usually make arm covers for all the upholstered furniture I do. Sometimes people ask me to make them, but most don’t ask me and I make them anyways. Seems like making arm covers is something upholsterers just do. How many of you reading this want your upholsterer to make arm covers for your upholstered furniture and actually use them? How many of you want them, but don’t use them? How many don’t want them?

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2 thoughts on “Arm Covers Yea or Nay

  1. Yea.
    When I bought my last sofa, loveseat, and chair, I wanted to cover some existing foot stools with matching fabric. Luckily the furniture store had yardage available. I decided to buy enough with which to make arm covers, too. Matched the pattern and the welt inset in the front of the arms. Rebecca is right; they do slip. After many years of straightening the covers, I finally bought the spiral pins to hold them in place – if only I could remember where I put them…

    I’ve done reupholstery for my own furniture, and I believe as you do, that “making arm covers is something upholsterers just do”; be they amateur or professional upholsterers. It just seems like they should be part of the package.

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