My Thoughts of Senator Edward Kennedy

An imperfect man who happened to be one of the great humanitarians on our planet: that’s who Ted Kennedy was to me. Most of what Senator Kennedy has done for us, due to his legislation and humanitarianism, runs seamlessly in our everyday lives. But this isn’t a blog about those achievements or of his failings. I’m from Massachusetts and live on Cape Cod. The Kennedy mystique is rich and deep here. My upholstery business has taken me into Hyannis Port many times. I was not fortunate enough to do any upholstery work for the Kennedy’s. But when driving into Hyannis Port from Ocean Street, the site of the Kennedy compound and his sailboat, Mya, on it’s mooring, is always special to see. With the Senator gone, Mya has lost her Captain, Hyannis Port has lost an anchor in their community, and we the people, have lost a great and distinctive voice for the have-nots. Senator Kennedy, I salute your courage to change Yourself, the State of Massachusetts, the Nation and the World. I will miss you.

Toad Mystery at Upholstery Shop Solved

Each year, by the middle of July, I have a ritual at my Cape Cod upholstery shop to look for baby toads in the yard. They’ll be so many of them, that I won’t be able to mow the lawn for a few weeks or so. I love the toads, because after they’re born, all the ants disappear. And that’s not a mystery as to where the ants have gone. But this year, my four year old daughter and I were only able to find one baby toad. One! There are usually hundreds. This was quite a mystery, because in the Spring I saw the adult toads, which usually amounts to baby toads in July.

A few days ago, out of the woods where there are wild lowbush blueberries, come a flock of wild turkeys. A mom, known as a hen and six large babies, known as poults. They start walking around the upholstery shop yard foraging for food. Luckily, my wife and four year old daughter were there to see the spectacle. Suddenly my daughter exclaims, “Daddy, maybe that’s where the baby toads went”. I gasped in amazement and said, “Your right, you solved the toad mystery”. High Fives, hugs and praises to the four year old nature sleuth!