Upholsterer Drives More for Business from Internet

Now that the Internet has become a mainstream everyday tool, I find myself driving greater distances for jobs. Before people started finding me on the Internet, my territory was about a 20 mile radius from my upholstery shop. Not now though, now my territory is all of Cape Cod, which is about 70 miles long from Falmouth to Provincetown. Last week I was in Provincetown on a job, this week I’m in Pocasset, near Falmouth. There’s the 70 miles. I’m not complaining though. With the slow economy, the added work area is a welcome opportunity. I think most people looking for an upholsterer on Cape Cod are likely to use the search criteria “upholsterer cape cod”. Less likely will they use “upholsterer dennis, ma” as the criteria, like they would if using the paper Yellow Pages. The beauty of it though, either of those searches will find me. As a result, I’m being contacted by people from all over the Cape and beyond. My new, Internet induced, 70 mile territory. Hey, maybe GM will start making a hybrid work van. I could use 50-60 MPG vs the 16-18 I’m getting with my full size Chevy Express Van. When the economy recovers, I’ll be one busy upholsterer, driving from one end of Cape Cod to the other!

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