Slipcovers Instead of Upholstery

Custom slipcovers can be a great way to refresh your tired upholstered furniture. But there are a few things to consider. If the springs and seat foam are in good condition, then you’re ready for your slipcover. If the springs need repair or the foam needs to be replaced, consider having that done before fitting the slipcover. That’s especially important with a custom slipcover that’s going to fit tight, like the upholstery on the furniture. I find most one person slipcover businesses don’t do those types of repairs, so you may want to check with your local upholsterer about that work.

Slipcovers tend to be a little less expensive than upholstery. That’s because it takes less time to make a slipcover. One of the advantages of a slipcover is the ability to take it of for cleaning. Try to get a water washable fabric, like cotton/polyester or 100% polyester and always make sure the finished seams are overlocked to prevent them from coming apart in the wash. Use a front load washer and I recommend air drying. Fabrics that are rated for dry cleaning only, are fine, but are more expensive to have cleaned.

7 thoughts on “Slipcovers Instead of Upholstery

  1. Yes, I agree that slipcovers are easier and less costly than reupholstering your furniture. However, custom slip covers take almost the same amount of expertise that upholsters need when reupholstering furniture. So if you are lucky enough to find an expert custom slipcover then it’s all good.

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  3. This post explain how should the slip covers to be So, this will help the people to be carefully while buying the products to manufacturing the furniture. Thank for giving a good explanations on the quality of slip covers for the uplostered furniture

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