E-estimate from your Upholsterer

One way to get a quick and easy estimate from your local upholsterer is to get an e-estimate. Take a digital photo of the work you want to have upholstered and email it to your upholsterer. After seeing the photo(s), the upholsterer can “estimate” the yardage and labor, then send you back an e-estimate via email. This can be accomplished in most circumstances the same day. It’s a great way for you, the customer, to get your curiosity satisfied in a short amount of time. I know with my business, setting up an appointment at the customers house can take several days to a week, depending on how busy I am. If the customer finds the e-estimate to be reasonable, a trip to the house may still be necessary to measure for the exact amount of fabric needed and to check the overall condition of the furniture. Upholstery, after all, is still a hands on business.

I find myself giving e-estimates to my customers that are locals, who don’t use the phone book anymore and second home or rental property owners who are away. Give an e-estimate from your local upholsterer a try, you’ll like it!

10 thoughts on “E-estimate from your Upholsterer

  1. Hello – I would like to do a quick fix to the under seat cushion of my leather sofa bed in order to sell it for cheap on craiglist so I don’t want to spend a lot of money ><. What approach would you have? I was thinking about getting a large piece of polyester fabric (or a durable stretchy fabric…anything you would recommend? ) and a Staple Gun but I don't want to damage the leather….? Or should I bring it to a professional? If so how much do you think this job would cost? Thank you very much for your help!

  2. This way of estimation by taking photos is a good idea which is very useful.
    They must provide good fabrics and slip covers etc… of good quality and in nice attractive colors. They also should concentrate on the materials which is used to do the work. Thank you for giving a wonderful idea.

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